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  One of mother nature's wonders, Cappadocia is the land of immense valleys, sheer-sided canyons, fairy chimney rocks and deep caves that have been shaped by volcanic eruptions, high waters of rivers and strong winds over a million years. Throughout its history, Cappadocia has been the hometown of many ancient civilizations from the Hittites to the Persians, and from the Byzantines to the Ottomans. When the first Christians came to the region, they used the underground cities of the Hittites to hide from the Roman Empire's persecution.

Today you can explore the traces of these civilizations with an exclusive tour to some of the 30 known ancient underground cities located around Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu, the cave-churches with in-site frescos and the Goreme Open Air Museum which was declared a World Site Heritage by UNESCO. You will have the chance to experience the mystic atmosphere of the region when you sleep in one of the luxurious boutique hotels located inside the caves. To explore the area, you can either walk through the snake-shaped streets and passageways of this cave-town, have a horseback ride with one of our professional tour guides who will lead you to the most important sites off the beaten track, or watch the region fall asleep as the sun goes down while you sip your champagne in the basket of your private hot-air balloon.

Cappadocia is not only attractive for its unique nature and stunning historical heritage, but also for its cultural diversity which you will have a chance to witness and experience yourself. You can learn how to make pottery with local craftsmen or you can watch peasant women weaving traditional Turkish carpets and kilims, and buy the best ones for your home. For lunch, you can visit the best winery of the region and have a wine tasting.  End your day with a candlelit dinner watching the peaceful view of this wonderland under the sparkling stars in the town's most luxurious restaurant.

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