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Itineraries  | Classic   10 days/9 nights – İstanbul, İzmir, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Çeşme, Capadoccia

Day 1, İstanbul
-Upon arrival, you will be met by our meet & greet staff that will fast track you through passport control and escort you to your private helicopter or limousine
-Dinner at one of İstanbul’s most exclusive Bosphorus side restaurants.

Day 2, İstanbul
- Boat transfer from your hotel to the Old City (Sultanahmet), to take in the great view of the Old City from the boat.
-Tour Old City with our private guide – Hagia Sophia & Basilica Cistern, the achievements of Byzantine architecture with special access.
-Lunch at Old City restaurant on terrace where it feels Hagia Sophia is in your plate.
-Shopping at selective shops with carpets, jewelry, local craft and art work in and around the Grand Bazaar.
- Return and rest at the hotel.

Day 3, İstanbul
-Return to the Old City with your private guide – Topkapı & Blue Mosque, the achievement of Ottoman architecture with special access.
-Lunch in Nişantaşı – the city’s posh neighborhood where locals hang out and shop at designer brand stores.
-Return to hotel for rest and lounge.
-Walking tour of İstiklal street, starting from Taksim Square the heart of modern İstanbul all the way down to Galata Tower, where you will take in the view of the Old City by night.
-Dinner at İstanbul’s best terrace view restaurant.

Day 4, İstanbul-İzmir
-Morning sailing cruise on the Bosphorus to take in the views of the city sprawling out to the Black Sea. The cruise includes a lunch prepared by one of İstanbul’s top chefs on your yacht.
-Return to hotel and depart for airport.
-Short one hour flight to İzmir.
-Check into hotel and dinner at İzmir’s best restaurant at the Chef’s table.

Day 5, İzmir, Ephesus and Çeşme
-Fly by helicopter from İzmir to Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle in Turkish) to see one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural wonders. Deriving from springs in a cliff almost 200 meters high overlooking the plain, calcite-laden waters have created an unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins.
-Then fly to Ephesus for a tour of the best-preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean. 
-Lunch in local restaurant near Ephesus
-Transfer from Ephesus to Çeşme by helicopter and check into one of Turkey’s most exclusive boutique luxury hotels.

Day 6, Çeşme
-Spend two days relaxing on the beach, one of the best in Turkey, or search for serenity in the Spa. The hotel also has one of the region’s most hip restaurants.

Day 7, Çeşme-Cappadocia
-Depart from Çeşme in the afternoon, and fly from İzmir to Kayseri to reach Cappadocia.
- Check into your cave hotel and enjoy dinner at the hotel.

Day 8, Cappadocia
-There is a reason why the air balloon is in most famous pictures of Cappadocia and that is that it’s really worth the experience. 
-Our local guide will then show you the secrets of Cappadocia, things that most visitors do not have the opportunity to see.
- Shopping for local products with local personal shopper.
- Dinner at Cappadocia’s most sought out table.

Day 9, Cappadocia-İstanbul
-Wake up and return to İstanbul.
-Check into hotel and rest.
-Visit Spice Market and also last minute shopping before leaving.
- Farewell dinner party at one of İstanbul’s most exclusive restaurant clubs.

Day 10, İstanbul
-Return helicopter or limousine transfer to airport

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