We really take pride in our extensive network of luxury partners covering all facets of travel and lifestyle all over Turkey.  It’s actually one of the reasons why we do, what we do, so well.  We have a personal relationship with our partners and off course have selected them by actually testing them on their level of service and luxury.  The saying “show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are” is applicable in this case.  We only deal with the best because we are the best!

We know which room category at a hotel to recommend to you because we have actually visited it and stayed there.  We secure the hardest to get tables in the country’s best restaurants with access to Chefs tables, behind the scene tours with Turkey’s best chefs, private dining options not available to the general public, again because they know us and appreciate us. 

Our personal shoppers will escort you to the international luxury brand stores at Kanyon and Nişantaşı but will also to make sure that you are getting a fair price on a very rare carpet or unique piece of jewelry at stores near or in the Grand Bazaar.  We know which are the best tables at nightclubs in İstanbul or Bodrum, because we actually like going out often as well.  With access to private events that only Turkey’s elite attends, you will feel more than just a tourist, you will actually make friends and connections.
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